TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/07/2018
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Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements



Summary of Business

TTEC Holdings, Inc. (“TTEC”, “the Company”) is a global customer experience company that designs, builds and operates omnichannel customer experiences on behalf of some of the world's most innovative brands. The Company helps large global companies increase revenue and reduce costs by delivering personalized customer experiences across every interactional channel and phase of the customer lifecycle as an end-to-end provider of customer engagement services, technologies, insights and innovations. TTEC’s 49,700 employees serve clients in the automotive, communication, financial services, government, healthcare, logistics, media and entertainment, retail, technology, transportation and travel industries via operations in the U.S., Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. 

We are organized into two centers of excellence: TTEC Digital and TTEC Engage.


TTEC Digital is the Company’s digital consultancy that designs and builds human centric, tech-enabled, insight-driven customer experience solutions.


TTEC Engage is the Company’s global hub of operational excellence providing clients with turnkey customer acquisition, care, revenue growth, and digital trust and safety services.

TTEC Digital and TTEC Engage come together under our unified offering, HumanifyTM Customer Engagement as a Service, which drives measurable results for clients through delivery of personalized omnichannel interactions that are seamless and relevant. This unified offering is value-oriented, outcome-based, and delivered on a global scale across four business segments: two of which comprise TTEC Engage - Customer Management Services (“CMS”) and Customer Growth Services (“CGS”); and two of which comprise TTEC Digital - Customer Technology Services (“CTS”) and Customer Strategy Services (“CSS”).

Basis of Presentation

The Consolidated Financial Statements are comprised of the accounts of TTEC, its wholly owned subsidiaries, its 55% equity owned subsidiary Percepta, LLC, and its 100% interest in Motif, Inc. (see Note 2). All intercompany balances and transactions have been eliminated in consolidation.

The unaudited Consolidated Financial Statements do not include all of the disclosures required by accounting principles generally accepted in the U.S. (“GAAP”), pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The unaudited Consolidated Financial Statements reflect all adjustments which, in the opinion of management, are necessary to state fairly the consolidated financial position of the Company and the consolidated results of operations and comprehensive income (loss) and the consolidated cash flows of the Company. Operating results for the periods presented are not necessarily indicative of the results that may be expected for the year ending December 31, 2018.

These unaudited Consolidated Financial Statements should be read in conjunction with the Company’s audited Consolidated Financial Statements and footnotes thereto included in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2017.